Schedule: Thursday 13 Nov

07:30-07:45 Meet at Ninomiya House and get on the bus
07:45-09:00 Transport from Tsukuba to Kikkoman
Soy Sauce Factory (Noda city)
09:00-10:30 Study tour at Kikkoman Factory
10.30-13.00 Transport from Kikkoman Factory to
Kirin Beer Village (Yokohama city)
13:00-14:00 Lunch at Restaurant in Kirin Beer Village
14:00-16:00 Study tour at Kirin Beer Village
16:00-18:30 Transport from Kirin Factory to
Hamamatsu city
18:30~ Check-in at Hotel Ascent Hamamatsu
Dinner on your own


Schedule: Friday 14 Nov

07:30-07:45Get on the bus from Hotel Ascent Hamamatsu
07:45-09:00Transport from Hamamatsu to JA Mikkabi
Satsuma Sorting Facility (Mikkabi city)
09:00-10:30Study tour at Mikkabi Satsuma Sorting Facitlity
10:30-11:30Transport from Mikkabi to Makinohara city
11:30-13:30Lunch at Greenpia Makinohara
13:30-14:15Transport to Shizuoka Tea Experimental Station
14:15-15:30Study tour at Shizuoka Tea Experimental Station
15:30-19:30Return to Tsukuba city


  1. The arrival time at Tsukuba city can be delayed due to traffic condition.
  2. The bus will not stop at Tokyo station.


Kikkoman Soy Sauce Factory: Kikkoman Company is the biggest soy sauce manufacturer in Japan. The head quarter of the company is located in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture. At the head quarter which is also the production plant and the location of Kikkoman Product Development Department, you will be introduced to the massive production of soy sauce, the secret of Kikkoman Kouji (fungi used for soy sauce fermentation), the history of soy sauce production and the application of NIRS for quality control and fermentation monitoring. At the end of the trip, do not forget to try the very special soy sauce ice cream.


Kirin Beer Village: Kirin Brewery Company is the long time leader of Japanese Beer Market and the oldest beer brewery of Japan that has history dated back into the year of 1888. The company produces many kinds of beverages and has its own research institute which plays a major role in beer industry. The institute so called "Takasaki Laboratory" at that time offered the first explanation for the mechanics of diacetyl formation in the brewing process. Based on this discovery, Kirin devised a way to control metabolism during the period of fermentation. Another noteworthy research effort included the development of the "Amagi-Nijo" strain of malting barley, which eventually commanded more than a 50 percent share of the worldwide market.


JA Mikkabi Orange Sorting Facility: Japan Agricultural Corporatives (JA) - Mikkabi is working on grading, packaging and marketing of satsuma orange thorough Shizuoka Prefecture, Eastern Japan. The company has a packing house equipped with fully automated system for sorting and packaging of Satsuma orange and has been pronounced as the biggest in the country. The packing house has 45 sorting lines equipped with CCD camera for size, color and defect and with NIRS sorting machine for sweetness. The sorting speed for each line is 6 oranges per second which then giving the speed for the whole sorting plant of nearly 1 million oranges per hour.


Shizuoka Tea Experiment Station: This research facility is under the local municipal office of Shizuoka Prefecture and located at the Makinohara city, the hometown of Itoen Company, the biggest tea producer in Japan. The institute is working on various area from production, proceesing and functionality. During this trip, you will visit a quality control laboratory who developed a technique to measure moisture content in both fresh and crude tea leaf. Mr. Tadashi Goto, a researcher at the Experiment Station will introduce you to the technique for measuring catechin content in raw tea leaf using NIRS which was developed in the year of 2000.


Registration and cost for study tour: The registration for this study tour can be done together with the conference registration. The cost is 20,000 Yen (single room) and 19,000 Yen (shared-twin room) including transportation, access to all facility, lunches on Nov 13 and Nov 14, one night stay at Hotel Ascent Hamamatsu and health insurance during the trip.



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