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Tsukuba city: The City of Tsukuba is about 50 km northeast of Tokyo and 40 km northwest of Narita Airport. It covers an area of 28,000 ha with a population of about 200,000. To the north lies Mount Tsukuba, 877 meters above sea level. Seen from one angle, Tsukuba city, with its streets of traditional stores and houses, has the look of a rural refuge of abundant greenery. Seen from another angle, it is Tsukuba Science City, a superb modern urban landscape seldom seen in Japanese cities.

Map for Tsukuba city center click here

Venue: The Symposium will be held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center (so called Epochal). The short course will be provided in Room 202 (2F) in the morning of November 10th. From the afternoon session of November 10th, all activities will be arranged on the first floor of the Center. The ceremony, keynote and oral contributions will be given in the Multi-Purpose Hall near the escalator. Posters and exhibitions will be presented in Room 101/102 next to the Multi-Purpose Hall. Lunch will be provided at the reception desk in front of the Multi-Purpose Hall. Banquet will be served at the 2F of Hotel Grand Shinonome.

Narita-Tsukuba: Buses from airport to Tsukuba city are available. From Narita International Airport, please take the Natt's Line Bus for Tsukuba Center (2540 Yen). It will take approximately 100 minutes for traveling. The bus schedule are given as follows;

From Narita airport to Tsukuba center:
7.20, 9.05, 10.35, 12.50, 14.35. 16.15, 17.20, 18.40, 20.00

From Tsukuba center to Narita airport:
6.20, 7.20, 8.50, 10.20, 11.55, 13.25, 14.35, 15.50 and 17.35

Bus schedule for Narita-Tsukuba in detail click here

Tsukuba-Tokyo: Express train (130km/hr) called Tsukuba Express (TX) is available from Tsukuba station (10 minutes from the Epochal). The time needed for transportation from Tsukuba station to Akihabara station (Tokyo's electric town) is 45-50 minutes with the cost of 1150 Yen. On the way back to Tsukuba, you can select between taking the TX back (quite crowded in the evening) or taking the bus from Tokyo Station (South Yaesu Exit). The bus takes approximately 60 minutes to Tsukuba with the cost of 1150 Yen. Taking a bus from Tsukuba station to Tokyo station will need a period of 2-3 hours due to traffic jam.

Homepage of Tsukuba Express Train click here ICON:PDF

Tsukuba center-Ninomiya House: From Tsukuba center, take taxi to the guest house by saying "Ni-no-mi-ya Ha-u-su" or showing the following Japanese letters "二ノ宮ハウス". On foot, Ninomiya House is approx. 20 minutes away from Tsukuba center.

Homepage of Ninomiya House click here, Map


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