[ Status of Accommodation ]


  1. Ninomiya House (Single: 4,072 Yen/day; Twin: 3,069 Yen/person/day)
  2. Grand Shinonome Hotel (Single-Main Building: 7,875 Yen/night; Single-West Tower-New Building: 8400 Yen/night)
  3. Okura Frontier Hotel (Single: 11,550 Yen/night)


  1. Breakfast is included in all prices.
  2. Prices for Ninomiya house are calculated on daily basis while prices for hotels are calculated on nightly basis.
  3. Price for twin room at Ninomiya house is the price for one person/day.

Reservation: Download form - MS Word ICON:MS Word / pdf ICON:PDF
Please fill up the accommodation registration form; then send the form to:

  1. For Ninomiya house: 81-29-838-7996 or
  2. For Hotel Grand Shinonome: 81-29-852-7422 or
  3. For Hotel Okura Frontier: 81-29-852-5623 or

Payment method

  1. For Ninomiya house: Payment must be done before October 1, 2008 by
          (i) bank transfer or (ii) sending cash by international mail
  2. For Hotel Grand Shinonome: credit card
  3. For Hotel Okura Frontier: credit card


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