Karl Norris Award: Karl Norris Award, presently sponsored by Shizuoka Shibuya Seiki Company (Former Maki-Fantec), was established by the organizing committee of the Japanese NIR Meeting in 2003. The award aims to recognize the person who has made a great contribution to practical applications of NIRS or to spreading NIRS around the world. The past winners are as follows: Karl Norris (2003 as FANTEC Award), Tony Davies (2004), Fred McClure (2005), Phil Williams (2006), Karoly Kaffka (2007). This year the Karl Norris Award winner is Dr. John S. Shenk from USA. Dr. Shenk is one of the NIRS pioneers in the USA and in the world. His work involves the development of software and the system to standardize NIR instrument. Dr. Shenk is now working as Emeritus Professor at the Pensylvania State University, USA.

Buchi Young Scientists NIRAward: The award is granted by Buchi Company and aims to support young scientists, who have worked during their diploma or doctoral thesis in the field of near-infrared spectroscopy achieving outstanding results. The contributions will be judged by an international jury of recognized experts. From 2008, the award will be presented at Asian NIR Symposium on the even year and at International Conference of NIRS on the odd year. This year Buchi Young Scientists Award Winner is Dr. Andre M. Krell Pedro from Brazil. Dr. Pedro got his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from State University of Campinas, Brazil. Now he is the head of the Unilever's Chemometrics and Instrumental Sciences Group of the Skin Cleansing Category Technology Centre in Valinhos, Brazil.

NIR Advance Award: The NIR Advance Award was established in 1994 by the organizing committee of the Japanese NIR meeting which has now become the JCNIRS. Each year, the award aims to encourage two young NIR scientists who have made significant achievements in NIR spectroscopy. The main condition is that the work must be conducted in Japan, but it can be given to a non-Japanese scientist. In additions, the organizing committee has also got a complimentary offer from Camo Asia for the 1-year license of The Unscrambler software for each NIR Advance Award winner. The winner for the NIR Advance Award 2008 is Mr. Yuta Miyamae from Pola Chemical Industries Inc., Yokohama, Japan. Mr. Miyamae developed a system where NIR can be used to assess the quality of skin and hair.

PHOTO:Karl Norris (2003 as FANTEC Award) PHOTO:Tony Davies (2004) PHOTO:Fred McClure (2005)
PHOTO:Phil Williams (2006) PHOTO:Karoly Kaffka (2007)

Karl Norris Award Winners: From left to right, then the second row, Karl Norris (2003 as FANTEC Award), Tony Davies (2004), Fred McClure (2005), Phil Williams (2006), Karoly Kaffka (2007).


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